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So glad we used Mosquito Joe for our outdoor event. It was great...not one insect!

Janet A
Jul 20, 2018

We spend a LOT of time outside. We still get bit, I just dont know if we have less mosquitos than our neighbors or not because I dont spend much time on their properties.

Sean S
Jul 16, 2018

After two treatments, I would say we have about 50-60% reduction in mosquitos. That is a big reduction, however,there are still MANY bites received daily. The third treatment was applied a couple day ago. I have not been home but I am hoping we will be mosquito free, as advertised by Mosquito Joe" when I return Wednesday! Feel free to contact me if you have questions ...Eric 678-596-5651

Eric C
Jul 10, 2018

we are still fighting mosquitos when is you next visit ?

David A
Jul 09, 2018

Hi Yes, so far the treatments have been working. Not quite there yet. I'd say 7 out of 10 mosquitoes per my visits outside are now missing from the fleets. From what I understand at least 5 treatments are needed to see a full effect and we are in between visit 3 and 4 now. Would like to review after treatment 5.

John C
Jul 03, 2018

Still a few pesky ones around but what a huge improvement you have done. Thank you and if you see anything I’m doing that may help you help me I’d appreciate that. T PITTS

Patricia P
Jul 02, 2018

you are absolutely right about it taking three sprays to get the mosquitoes under control and now that we've had the three sprays I can finally sit outside again

Patty B
Jul 01, 2018

Those big “flat footed” mosquitoes disappeared immediately. Worth every penny if you spend time outside.

Mike C
Jun 29, 2018

You could start by showing up when you say, and not re schedule 5 times

Joel M
Jun 27, 2018

Thank you, we are very happy

Denise H
Jun 26, 2018