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Every review on this page is submitted by a real Mosquito Joe customer. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence our customer's feedback. Learn how Mosquito Joe customers are enjoying being outside again!


Vicky F
Nov 30, 2018

I really appreciate the open communication prior to appointments and the timeliness. Your treatments have made a major impact on the mosquitoes on my property! I can finally sit out in the backyard and not get eaten alive!

Corey G
Nov 20, 2018

The Mosquito Joe team is excellent all around. I am finally able to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning without getting attacked- it really does work!

Fred S
Nov 05, 2018

So far we’re very pleased ~ still seeing a few more mosquitoes than we’d like, but since we just recently started, we’re hoping it will continue to improve with repeated treatments.

Melanie J
Oct 29, 2018

We live on a canal - and this year the mosquitos were really bad - and were grateful to Mosquito Joe's work that allowed us to entertain in the back yard again. Thank you.

Jo B
Oct 19, 2018

Chase ( your technician) does a very good job and a good job of communicating schedule and special request, much appreciated

Cliff M
Oct 16, 2018

No more Mosquitoes

Mike C
Oct 12, 2018

Hi Joe, Having lived here all of my life in So FL I am quite aware of the constant problem we have. I can say that this service is very effective in reducing the ability of mosquitoes to just hang out in the shaded locations, plants and trees around the home. There are 2 things I have noticed regarding the effectiveness of the application. The biggest being that this particular property is prone to prevailing East winds. On the days that the application is done the killing power and staying power is best done on dry, early and zero wind mornings. I would rather hold off on days that the wind has diminished. So FL mornings here are typically low wind unless you have a big high parked off shore like we have this week until mid next week. The other issue is that the 21 day cycle appears to be critical to the life cycle of mosquitoes. As day 21 approaches the mosquito strikes become relentless. So please do not skip a day with applications. Overall satisfied. I would like to give a perfect score but realize some of natures control is against you. Thank you, John

John C
Oct 02, 2018

Not a flying bug anywhere on property. Highly recommend!!

Horses &
Jul 30, 2018

Our technician has been very professional and always communicates when he will be spraying. I have definitely noticed a difference and can now sit on my back patio for my morning coffee.

Debbie A
Jul 28, 2018